Boomer’s Trust Fund - our “action arm”.

Receiving 100% of the charitable funds from Boomer’s Legacy, the Boomer’s Trust Fund makes these funds available to Boomer’s Trust Committees that are made up of deployed Canadian soldiers, sailors, airmen and airwomen. Members of these local Committees participate on a volunteer basis, and function in the area in which they are deployed.

Boomer’s Trust Committees receive ideas for possible projects from CF members on the ground, from local trusted sources and from other international partners and agencies. These projects are carefully vetted by the local Boomer’s Trust Committee to ensure it is an appropriate use of Boomer’s Legacy money, being that it provides sustainable humanitarian assistance to an area of focus that has previously been overlooked, or unable to be assisted in any other way. The Boomer’s Trust Committees then provide feedback to Boomer’s Legacy as appropriate.

Boomer’s Trust Fund was originally known as the Assistance to Afghanistan Trust Fund, but has recently been rechristened, to more appropriately reflect the growing scope of Boomer’s Legacy to help soldiers deployed in many parts of the world, now including Jamaica and Kosovo.

Boomer’s Trust Fund sponsored projects aim to build lasting local capacity in areas including education, health care and opportunities for women.

Projects sponsored by Boomer’s Trust Fund

Afghanistan (2006 to present)

  • purchase of school supplies and equipment
  • shoes for orphaned children
  • providing medical equipment and supplies to various hospitals and clinics
  • creation of over 2500 “Baby Kare” kits to assist midwives delivering babies in rural areas
  • first aid kits and training
  • sending over 20 children for various life-saving surgeries and medical treatment including cleft palates, ventriculoseptal defects, cancer, complications of trauma, chemotherapy, and congenital deformities
  • comfort care supplies for palliative patients
  • creation of a woman’s weaving course with supplies
  • replacing a herd of sheep killed by Taliban forces

Kosovo 2011

$10,000 donation to improve the Woman and Children’s Shelter.

Jamaica 2011

$6,000 given to improve the HEART Technical School, dedicated to improving the lives of impoverished youth.

Dala Township Myanmar 2013

Just to let you know with the help of Disaster Aid Canada, we were able to bring in some of your comfort kits to a orphanage in Dala Township Myanmar this past March 2013. You can see them here on the Facebook page we created.  We are going to be setting up a charity to continue our work in Myanmar.  Thank you once again.

Stephen – Aid For Orphanage In Dalla Township Myanmar – Aid For Orphanage In Dalla Township Myanmar

Thailand 2013

I just thought I would write to say thank you so much for the donation of dolls and hats. We are a health clinic based on the Thai-Burma border, and recently experienced some massive flooding in the area, which displaced a lot of people on both sides of the border. In fact we had to evacuate the clinic for the first time in our 24 year history.

Your donation was kindly provided through one of our partners, Global Neighbors. As well as helping communities in our surrounding area, we have been supplying our medics to help support a Burmese community based rescue team, in Myawaddy, the town the other side of the border from us based here in Thailand. They are supporting caring for 24 emergency shelters, with many thousands of people flooded out of their homes.

Some of your toys have gone to sick children both in our clinic (see images). The rest along with the hats and other donated clothes supplied by Global Neighbors have gone to helping some of those people in Myawaddy. Please see updates and pictures from the floods, which can be found on our Facebook page at

So thank you once again and keep knitting.

Democratic Republic of Congo 2013

Nick Roby posted the following on Boomer’s Legacy’s Facebook timeline:

“The village of KIMPOKO in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) houses 100 civil-war widows and their children. During a recent visit, Canadian TF members recognized the requirement for classroom desks, as many students were either sitting on the dirt floor, or were crowded three to five children on one bench which was originally constructed for only two children. It was clear that the state of these classrooms were not conducive to a beneficial learning environment.

Thanks to the generosity of The Boomers Legacy Fund, 150 school desks were procured and delivered to KIMPOKO schools on 28 June 2013. Through this project, The Boomers Legacy Fund has assisted four different schools and approximately 325 students who will continue to learn the academic and technical skills that are required to prosper in the DRC. Boomer’s Legacy continues to live on in AFRICA!

We thank the committee for approving the request and an article and photos will be submitted to The Maple Leaf Newspaper in the near future. Happy Canada Day!”