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  • ATF Romania: ATF members completed the charity project and presented the key to the grandmother and her granddaughter on August 17, 2014.
  • Present during the key hand-over were representatives from Blythswood, the partner charity organization, and the mayor’s office.
  • The project was made possible by the personal motivation of ATF members, the generosity of the Boomer’s Legacy Foundation, the leadership of Blythswood Romania (charity), and the support of the Floresti Mayor’s Office and our hosts the Romanian Air Force.
  • The project made a big difference in the life of the beneficiary and has helped bring the ATF closer to the local community.



A Big Boomer’s Legacy Thank You to Al Watson at Duncan Thrifty’s

Maureen Eykelenboom

Without the ongoing annual support of people like Al from Thrifty’s in Duncan we  would not be able to offer our riders half the luxuries that have become synonymous with our BC Ride. To Al and his team, and everyone else who puts in time and effort and other resources, our deepest thanks for helping us help our soldiers help others.

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Maureen Eykelenboom



A Big Boomer’s Legacy Thank You to Karl Ulrich of Oak Bay Bicycles

Maureen Eykelenboom

Karl and his team keep our riders on the road, year after year. It is hard to imagine a Boomer’s Legacy British Columbia bicycle ride without having Oak Bay Bicycles ready to take care of all the mechanical details, from replacing shoe clip screws to on-the-spot tire repairs. The ongoing annual support of people like Karl from Oak Bay Bicycles allows us to offer our riders the luxuries that have become synonymous with our Boomer’s Legacy British Columbia Ride.

To Karl and his team, and everyone else who puts in time and effort and other resources, our deepest thanks for helping us help our soldiers help others.

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Maureen Eykelenboom



A Big Boomer’s Legacy Thank You to Parksville Thrifty’s

Maureen Eykelenboom

Without the ongoing annual support of people like Bill from Thrifty’s in Parksville we  would not be able to offer our riders half the luxuries that have become synonymous with our BC Ride. To Bill and his team, and everyone else who puts in time and effort and other resources, our deepest thanks for helping us help our soldiers help others.

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Maureen Eykelenboom



Tom von Kaenel of Sea2Sea joins 2014 Boomer’s BC Ride

We were fortunate enough during our 2014 Boomer’s Legacy British Columbia Ride to be be joined by Tom von Kaenel of Sea2Sea. After a serious bike-related injury, Tom made a miraculous recovery and undertook the task of cycling from South Carolina down to the Florida Keys, then heading all the way up to Juneau, Alaska. (You can read more about Tom on the Sea2Sea website.) 

Tom von Kaenel

I was asked to give my thoughts about the Boomers Legacy Ride. Here they are in no particular order:

The ride itself. I thought that this was an ambitious undertaking with 100 riders going over 250 kilometers, the distance challenging itself, but made more complex by the number of riders.  I was in awe of the planning, preparation, and conduct of the ride.  Having organised a couple of rides (but not of this magnitude), my main concern has always been safety and hats off to Dave, Ron, the 3rd CAV and RCMP for their support in making this a safe event.  In my opinion it could not have gone better.

The support from the local communities.  The military and civic organisations as well as the local businesses added another dimension to the ride and even as a ‘Yank’ I felt chills hearing the bagpipes and seeing the obvious support of the local communities for this event.  It was clear that they wanted to be a part of this event and their role was as fulfilling for them as it was in supporting the ride.

The riders.  I was impressed by them all.  Generally speaking, when you are participating in a group cycling event, there are ‘lycra louts’ or ‘novices’ that generally detract from the spirit of the ride, but, from my perspective, that was not the case with this ride.  It was one of my greatest pleasures during the ride to cycle along different people and be able to chat with them along the way.  It helped me to gain a much better appreciation and context for the ride itself as well as the type of people that return year after to year for this event.

The memorial ceremony at the end of the ride.  This always is a tough one for me as I have done this type of ceremony in each of the US States that I have cycled through.  It does not get easier, nor should it.  I think that the memorial ceremony brings home the point and purpose of the ride and doing this at the end of the ride strengthens our commitment to ensure that Boomers Legacy lives on.

Boomers Legacy. I’ve always felt the need to look up the origins of words that resonate like the word ‘legacy’ and having looked at the French origins found it to mean, ‘a body of persons sent on a mission‘.  That really does seem to fit as the mission to me is to ‘help and heal others‘.  It often seems that in doing this, the person that is helped and healed the most is the one helping and healing. It is also about giving hope and a lasting hope comes from one’s faith or belief that we can make a positive and lasting contribution in our own way.  This contribution, however small it may be seen through our eyes, may be the key element in turning someone else’s life around.  This is so very important and should be continually at the forefront.  It may be a kind word or gesture or sympathetic act, but, sometimes, this makes all the difference.  I believe that we all have been on the receiving end of this and our task is to take it, make ourselves better, and ‘pass it along.’  Boomer’s Legacy embodies this ethos.

Canadian hospitality & friendship. Finally, I must mention my personal thoughts about my ‘neighbours to the north’.  This is the first time that I have been in Canada (although I have met and associated with Canadians on several occasions).  I must admit that I have been very much taken with your kindness and consideration throughout my trip.  It seems to me that civility and courtesy are very much at the forefront of Canadian culture (at least what I have experienced).  It is a lesson that I’ll take back with me. Everyone went out of their way to welcome me and make me feel part of the team and, more importantly, part of the ‘Boomer’s Family’.   I am not ashamed to say that I felt a bit of a ‘pang of sorrow’ when the bus departed for Comox on Sunday and I said goodbye to Maureen & Pam.

Finally. I would like to express my deep gratitude to all for the friendship and hospitality that they extended to me during my short stay with you, but especially AJ, Pam, Doug, Dave, Ron, and of course, Maureen.  This has been the highlight of my trip from South Carolina to Alaska (via Florida) and it has been because of you folks.

Thank you all so very much, Godspeed, & keep turnin’ the cranks!

Tom von Kaenel  (Facebook)  @sea2sea1 (Twitter)
Tom von

2014 Nova Scotia Boomer’s Ride

14 Wing Greenwood – Citadel Hill, Halifax (176km) – Saturday, 13 Sept

  • Note! Each participant is encouraged to raise further funds towards your ride. To do so you can create your own online fundraiser through our software by visiting the 2014 Boomer’s Legacy Nova Scotia Ride Participant Fundraisers Page.
  • Remember to carefully read through the Boomer’s Legacy Rider Instruction Sheet to make sure that you are fully prepared for your ride. (Click here to view or download.) Although this sheet was created for the British Columbia Boomer’s Legacy Ride, the information holds true for Boomer’s Legacy rides nationwide.
  • For riders wishing to book a room at Greenwood the night before the ride (13 Sept 2014), please contact Lisa Klco at Rates for the rooms are:
    • Regular Single Room: $35/night
    • Shared Room (2 per room): $25/night
    • Shared Room (4 per room): $20/night


Event timings:


  • 1800 – Transport pickup for riders and bikes departure from Stadacona, Halifax.
  • 1930 – Registration opens in Greenwood for those already in Situ
  • 1945 – Arrival in Greenwood for Halifax transport – please report to registration
  • 2015 – Rider briefing
  • 2030 – Equipment check and bike fit confirmation for those seeking it


  • 0715 – Parking and prep
  • 0730 – roll to runway for departure
  • 0745 – Prayer and parting words from WComd
  • 0800 – Roll off

Remainder of timings approximate, based on rider booklet

  • 1830 – Arrival at the Citadel, Halifax
  • 1900 – Arrival at Stadacona; quick refreshment, proceed to showers
  • 1930 – Supper at Stadacona
  • 2000 – Words from BComd & Maureen
  • 2010 – Meet with family and friends
  • 2020 – End of official Ride activities; social gathering for the remainder of the evening for those staying in Halifax
  • 2100 – Transport departure for those returning to Greenwood
  • 2245 – Greenwood arrival

For those riders interested in seeking transit from Halifax to Greenwood, transportation will be provided from Stadacona to Greenwood on Friday night.  See above for timings. For all riders departing from Greenwood and seeking return transport, it will be provided following the ride and meal at Stadacona.

**Please be aware that if you think you might need a “lift” during this ride – there will be a sag wagon that will be able to transport you and your bike, for a leg or two of the route, enabling you to have a rest so that you still have enough energy to cycle at the end.  I advise with a grin….Maureen Eykelenboom

About the Nova Scotia ride:

Departing Greenwood, you will enjoy the morning riding through the farmlands, apple orchards, and local communities of the Annapolis Valley.  Over the course of the afternoon, you will then make your way across to the south shore of the province often under the umbrella of the trees that in many areas, line our route.  In the late afternoon, you’ll arrive at the entry to the HRM, and finally in the early evening, you’ll celebrate a job well done atop Citadel Hill.
It’s easy to think, “I can’t ride that far.” In 2011, people who had never ridden more than 30 kms before completed our ride, with big smiles of accomplishment and satisfaction. There will be a Boomer’s Legacy training plan in order to prepare you fully, but know that heart and enthusiasm go a long way. The ride is a no drop ride, ridden together in formation for all but one short section of the ride (climb from St.Croix), re-gathering thereafter.  Pace is not onerous. “Guardians” will be dispersed throughout the group to keep an eye on everyone. There are lots of stops along the way and lots of fuel and fluids to ensure rider’s needs are tended to.  Safety will be paramount.

Training Schedule:


Note: Click on the image to download a PDF file of the schedule.

GPS Routes:

View a generic Route Map and Cue Sheet below.