The Boomer’s Ride honours all 158 Canadian soldiers who have given their lives in the line of duty while serving in Afghanistan. Many of the participating cyclists have served in Afghanistan, and some of the civilian cyclists are family members of fallen soldiers.

  • Background

    The main fundraising event for Boomer’s Legacy is the annual Boomer’s Ride. The purpose of the ride is to raise awareness and fund projects through Boomer’s Trust.


The ride began on Vancouver Island through the collective efforts of Chief Warrant Officer Todd McGowan and triathlete Deb Koster.

In Sept, 2007 Todd, Andrew’s Sergeant Major and comrade made the fateful decision to ride his bike from Victoria to Comox. He collected donations from his friends and committed to ride the entire way, to attend the first Boomer’s Legacy Gala event in Courtenay.

Also attending that event was Deborah Koster, a triathlete and the daughter of Pamela Jolin, first and longest serving volunteer with Boomer’s Legacy. As Todd came up on the stage that evening and presented a cheque for the funds that he raised, Deborah commented to her Mom, “I am going to get a group together and we are going to ride down to Victoria from Campbell River to raise funds next year.”

In September 2008 Deb, (shown at left in photo) and fellow members of the Campbell River Triathlon Club did just that, as a fundraiser for Boomers Legacy, hence the Boomer’s Legacy Annual Bike Ride was created.

The 2009 ride from Victoria to Comox would be the first combined event with more than 60 military and civilian riders.

This would be followed in 2010/2011 with a ride from Comox to Victoria drawing more than 90 participating riders.

Boomer’s Legacy Ride Goes National

In 2011 the Boomer’s Legacy Ride became a national event with completion of a very successful Boomer’s Legacy Nova Scotia Century Ride.

In 2012, Boomer’s Legacy Rides were held on Vancouver Island in BC, in Nova Scotia.

In 2013 we added a ride in our national capital.

Another exciting addition to our list of rides was the inclusion in 2013 in the Canada Army Run, where Boomer’s Legacy was allowed to have a set amount of riders cycle a short course on the day of the event.

We are excited for what the future holds and look forward to many more miles with our regular and new riders. 

The Ride for a Fallen Soldier

Each of the cyclists will carry, on their bikes, the biography of one or two of our fallen soldiers (all fallen soldiers will be represented throughout each Ride).

For each ride, it is our hope that the residents of the towns and cities that we ride through will support this unique event by wearing red, standing along the roadside waving Canadian flags and calling out their encouraging comments to the cyclists.  You can also sponsor a cyclist or donate online.

Join us in being part of a solution…Helping Our Soldiers Help Others at Home & Abroad