Canadian Fallen Soldiers from Afghanistan 2014

The Ride for a Fallen Soldier

Boomer’s Legacy had decided that each of the cyclists participating in our events will carry, on their bikes, the biography of one or more of our fallen soldiers and that all fallen soldiers will be represented throughout each Ride.

Below you will find a list of all of the Canadian Fallen Soldiers from the war in Afghanistan, along with their photo.


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Boomer’s Legacy – The Experience

A simple journey by one, caught by another.

Boomer’s Legacy inaugural Gala event and first fundraiser was held September 2007, Todd McGowan (a former CO of Andrew’s), chose to ride his bike from Victoria to Courtenay and convinced his friends to donate to the cause. In the audience Deb Koster was sitting with her Mom, Pamela Jolin, and when Todd presented his funds to Maureen and General Hillier she had a thought. Deb declared that she would get a group of friends and they would ride from Campbell River the following year and raise funds. That is how Boomer’s Legacy Bike Ride began, a simple journey by one, caught by another. The video below illustrates the fun, camaraderie and experiences of the people involved in this great cause.

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Canadian Contribution Training Mission Afghanistan

Capitaine Rebecca Sparkes est physiothérapeute qui conseille la programme de physiothérapie au L’Académie de Sciences Médicales des Forces Armées (ASMFA). Elle pose ici avec des membres du staff de cuisine au New Kabul Compound après avoir distribué des “Capuchons Boomer”, le 22 août 2013.


Captain Rebecca Sparkes, a Physiotherapist working as an advisor to the Physical Therapy Program at The Armed Forces Academy of Medical Sciences (AFAMS), poses with workers from the dining facility after handing out “Boomer’s Caps” on August 22, 2013 at the New Kabul Compound.


CanadianArmyNews: 2011 Spin-a-thon raises over $17,000 for Boomer’s Legacy

In 2011 Boomer’s Legacy was the main recipient of funds raised during a 24-hour spin-a-thon that was held at the Kandahar Airfield. Have a look at the report from CanadianArmyNews below:

Since then Boomer’s Legacy has been involved with a variety of Spin-A-Thon events, with the 2013 Halifax Spin-A-Thon being the most recent.