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Boomer Caps and Izzy Dolls Join Christmas Boxes in Spreading Some Holiday Cheer

Boomer Caps and Izzy Dolls Join Christmas Boxes

This morning (November 26th) I took  5 very large boxes worth of Boomer Caps, Izzy Dolls and Blankets to the Comox Pentecostal Church. Pictured below is Faye Schellenberg, with a whole bunch of Christmas Shoe Boxes that are all heading to needy children. Our Boomer Caps, Dolls and Blankets are joining the shipment. Special thanks to all of our wonderful knitters.



Canadian Contribution Training Mission Afghanistan

Capitaine Rebecca Sparkes est physiothérapeute qui conseille la programme de physiothérapie au L’Académie de Sciences Médicales des Forces Armées (ASMFA). Elle pose ici avec des membres du staff de cuisine au New Kabul Compound après avoir distribué des “Capuchons Boomer”, le 22 août 2013.


Captain Rebecca Sparkes, a Physiotherapist working as an advisor to the Physical Therapy Program at The Armed Forces Academy of Medical Sciences (AFAMS), poses with workers from the dining facility after handing out “Boomer’s Caps” on August 22, 2013 at the New Kabul Compound.


EDITORIAL: Boomer’s Legacy working for peace — one little cap at a time

By Editorial – Comox Valley RecordPublished: June 17, 2013 1:00 PM; Updated: June 17, 2013 3:10 PM


Winning a battle is good. Winning a war is better. Preventing a war is best.

One way to do that is for your people to know a potential enemy at the grassroots level and to demonstrate you are not the evil foe the enemies of peace will say you are. The work of Boomer’s Legacy Foundation, a 100-per-cent Canadian charitable organization since 2006, is vital in this regard. It empowers Canadian Forces personnel with raised and donated funds, allowing them to provide humanitarian assistance to people where Canadian Forces members are deployed.

There is no better example of this than the knitting and distributing of Boomer Caps, meant to help keep children warm in war-torn regions. Among other places around the globe, Boomer Caps are distributed in Afghanistan — a particularly poignant destination considering Cpl. Andrew (Boomer) Eykelenboom of Comox was killed there in 2006 while serving his country. A medic, Boomer was known to give aid and show kindness not just to his own kind, but to Afghani children caught in what must seem like endless warfare. Selfless acts like Boomer’s didn’t mean anything to the suicide bomber who took his life, but his selflessness and that shown by personnel continuing the mandate of Boomer’s Legacy might be in the long run the only hope to mend the rift between West and East.

Funds for Boomer’s Legacy do not grow on trees, as they say, which is why BC Boomer’s Bike Ride is so important. A two-day fundraiser that just happened during the weekend for the sixth year, it’s a two-day journey of 100 cyclists from the Comox Valley to the legislative buildings in Victoria. Bravo to the cyclists, who each committed to raising at least $300. Since 2006, over $830,000 has been raised for the Boomer’s Trust Fund. And, like the Terry Fox Run — another humanitarian venture sparked by the death of a B.C. hero — Boomer’s Rides have since sprung up outside the province.

Boomer would be proud.


Boomer’s Legacy comfort kits to a orphanage in Dala Township Myanmar!


Just to let you know with the help of Disaster Aid Canada, we were able to bring in some of your comfort kits to a orphanage in Dala Township Myanmar this past March 2013. You can see them here on the Facebook page we created.  We are going to be setting up a charity to continue our work in Myanmar.  Thank you once again.

StephenAid For Orphanage In Dalla Township MyanmarAid For Orphanage In Dalla Township Myanmar