“Boomer’s Legacy Foundation is a 100% Canadian charitable organization created in 2006. The catalyst for its beginning was the death of my son, Cpl Andrew “Boomer” Eykelenboom, who was killed in action, in Spin Boldak, Afghanistan in August, 2006.”

Maureen Eykelenboom

A simple journey by one, caught by another.

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Boomer’s Legacy inaugural Gala event and first fundraiser was held September 2007, Todd McGowan (a former CO of Andrew’s), chose to ride his bike from Victoria to Courtenay and convinced his friends to donate to the cause. In the audience Deb Koster was sitting with her Mom, Pamela Jolin, and when Todd presented his funds to Maureen and General Hillier she had a thought. Deb declared that she would get a group of friends and they would ride from Campbell River the following year and raise funds. That is how Boomer’s Legacy Bike Ride began, a simple journey by one, caught by another. The video below illustrates the fun, camaraderie and experiences of the people involved in this great cause.

Boomer’s Legacy thanks Zac Whyte for his work in producing this video. We encourage you to share this video far and wide.

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